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Armaghan-e-Farang By Saeed Abul Hassan

ARMAGHAN-e- FZARANG: The author of the book is Maullana Saied Abu-up-Hassan Ali Navy(R).
The book delivered message to British Mulims. Maullana Sahib Delivered a very short message to British Muslim and Students from all over the world. It does not mean that only British School and Colleges will give you Knowledge and you nothing give. It’s totally wrong you give to British much more if once you think that you belong from most honorable and valuable religious. Oh my British mulims I am hundred percent surely said to you that the British non Muslims are not satisfied from lives. Please you peoples learn their technologies and you must delivered or convey knowledge about Islam. The book is really very informative and instructive. The book also contain Letters which send various prominent personalities to Maullana Abu-ul-Hassan ali Navy. For more detail please download the book and study this.
Book Name
Armaghan-e- Farang
Mullana Saeed Abul Hassan Ali Nadvi
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