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Saviours of Islamic Spirit Free Download Book

This selection of biographies, by one of the leading twentieth century Muslim scholars, brings under four volumes, Muslim Personalities whose contribution to the sustenance of the Islamic spirit through the centuries can never be overstated. Beautifully narrated, with particular detail to the environment in which these figures rose to prominence.
Volumes I, 419 Pages, Hard Back
v  Umar ibn Abdul Aziz
v  Hassan al-Basri
v  Traditionists and Jurists of Islam (The Imams )
v  Ahmad ibn Hanbal
v  Abul Hassan al-Ash'ari
v  Decline of Dialectics
v  Al-Ghazal
v  Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani
v  Ibn al-Jawzi- Nur ud-din Zangi and Salah Ud-din Ayyubi
v  Sheikhul Islam Izz ud-din Ibn Abdul Salam
v  Tartars :The Scourge of God- Maulana Jalal ud-din Rumi

Book Name
Saviours of Islamic Spirit Vol-01
Abul Hassan Al-Nadawi
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