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TiTliYaN Best Urdu Ghazal Book

TiTliYaN: Butterfly: The ghazal book also clear from name that the book contain very nice and romantic ghazal. All ghazal are colorful with different colors.

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  1. Assalamalaikum, Your site has many good literature work. I would like to know if i could add my books of Naat and ghazal on your site.
    Mata-e-Maghfirat (collectin of naat.by Dr Aleem Usmani)
    Deewar (collection of ghazal by Dr Aleem Usmani
    Naqshe Awwal apoetry collection by Dr Aleem Usmani.
    Bam o Dar a ghazal collection by Dr Aleem Usmani
    Harfe Akhir a ghazal collection by dr Aleem Usmani

    Hope to hear from you soon.Usmani
    Akhtar Jamal Usmani.


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