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Treatment For Anger

"Treatment for Anger", is a collection of three lectures of Hadhrat
Moulana Hakeem Muhammed Akhtar Sahib Damat Barakatuhum. The first lecture
was delivered on the 29th of Shawwal, 1407, coinciding with the 29 June 1987,
Friday, at 11 am in Masjid Ashraf, Khanqah Imdadia Ashrafiyyah, Gulshan Iqbal,
The second lecture was delivered at Dera Gazi Khan on the 9th Jamadus Thani 1408,
coinciding with 29 January 1988 when he was on a journey with Hadhrat Aqdas
Moulana Shah Abrarul Haq Sahib Damat Barakatuhum to Lahore, Faizalabad,
Rawalpindi, Dera Gazi Khan, Multan and Peshawer.
The third lecture on the same topic, again, was delivered at Musjid Ashraf, Khanqah
Imdadia Ashrafiyyah on 30th Ramadan 1408, coinciding with 19th May 1988,
Tuesday, after Fajr. All three lectures have been collected in one book. It is really a
very unusually benefiting topic and a most valuable prescription of the treatment of
the illness of anger. This booklet was initially published in Urdu, but for the benefit of
English readers, it has been translated. May Allah Ta'ala bless it with acceptance.
Quranic verse concerning anger Allah Ta'ala has explained three qualities of his
special servants in this verse:-
1) Those who swallow their anger,
2) They forgive the mistakes of Our Servants,
3) They not only forgive, but do an act of kindness upon them, and Allah loves such
Anger is not a bad thing, but to use it in a wrong place is bad. If anger is annihilated,
then how will one make jihad with the kuffar? Therefore, use anger in the right
place, eg. in jihad against the kuffar. When at such a time, someone comes and
says, "I humbly present myself in front of you," it will be forbidden to treat him with
humility, but rather say, "Is there anyone to confront me?" However, when anger is
concerning oneself, then the following verse will apply to him, "Men of Allah are
those who swallow their anger and control themselves."

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