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Learning TO Speak Language

You have just arrived in another country and want to study the local language. There
are a number of language schools promising that they will teach you to speak fluently.
While telling you they will teach you to speak, they will actually teach you to read, to
write, and to memorize grammar rules, but they will largely fail to retrain your tongue to
speak the local language.
Or you may be in an area where there is little formal language study available. You
may find a tutor or a small school that will claim to teach you the language. Again,
however, the language instruction will likely do little to retrain your tongue to actually
speak that new language.
In either case, you face the same obstacle. On the one hand, there are prestigious
institutions that will expose you to current methods and enriched cultural life, but they
will fail to provide the necessary retraining so that you can rapidly learn to speak fluently.
On the other hand, there are inadequately prepared schools trying to teach their language
courses without understanding what learning to speak a second language entails.
This book was written to show you how to effectively learn a new language. It will
give you important information regarding methods to use, whether you enroll in a highly
esteemed university language program or study in a remote area with few formal
language learning resources. Its primary purpose, however, is to show you how to retrain
your mind — and your tongue — in order to acquire a new language.
With that information, you can learn to speak your target language in considerably
less time regardless of the resources available to you.
Chapter 1: The Proprioceptive Sense in Language Learning explains the concept on
which the new Feedback Training Method described in this book is built. Chapters 3 and
following will tell you how you can apply that information as you learn your target
Chapter 2: Focusing on the Target Language addresses the critical concern of
choosing the kind of language instruction that is best for you. Too often a language
course is selected for no other reason than that the name of the target language is included
in the course title. This chapter evaluates the important step of selecting appropriate
language instruction by showing the choices made by a fictitious international student as
she selects her own English study program.
The appendix material is taken from the free downloadable website course Spoken
English Learned Quickly at www.FreeEnglishNow.com. The appendices demonstrate
various types of spoken language exercises that you could develop in your target

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