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MS DOS Tutorial Command

Obtain a copy of the zip file MS-DOS_EXERCISES.zip from the Moodle site and
unzip it in the root of your I: drive. This will create the folder EXERCISES containing
the sub-folders and files you will be working with in this tutorial.

The Command Prompt you see on the screen might look like this:
Each disc drive attached to a computer system is identified by a name.
In MS-DOS, the name is a single letter followed by a colon.
e.g. A:, C:
Traditionally, A: is a floppy drive while C: is a hard disc drive. They
are also described as Drive A and Drive C.
The system prompt C:\WINDOWS\system32> identifies the default
drive as drive C. Unless a command specifies otherwise, it is the
default drive which is used by MS-DOS whenever a request to use a
file is received.
As is usual in computing, there is alternative name for the default
drive. It is also known as the current drive.
On a hard disc system, on switching on, the default drive is usually the
hard disc, drive C.
To change the default drive to drive I:, we type:
followed by <Enter>. The system prompt now changes to I:\>
All MS-DOS commands in this worksheet will be given in bold
uppercase characters. In order to execute the command, we follow it
by pressing <Enter>. Please note that although commands are

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