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Secret Agencies By Loch K. Johnson

This book examines how, and how well, the intelligence agencies of the
United States have been used by government officials since the end of World
War Two to guard and advance the global interests of the nation. My purpose
is to help inform the American people about the hidden side of their government.
For democracy relies on a knowledgeable citizenry to provide general
guidance to those few individuals who make foreign policy decisions on their
America’s secret agencies engage in three primary missions. First and foremost,
they are expected to gather and interpret information from around the
world (referred to by intelligence officers as collection and analysis). Second,
the agencies are expected to protect U.S. government secrets from espionage
by other governments (counterintelligence). Third, from time to time they have
been directed to oppose the nation’s adversaries through the use of aggressive
clandestine operations abroad (covert action). Throughout the Cold War
(1945–91) the Soviet Union was the nemesis of American foreign policy and
hence the number-one target of the intelligence agencies.For downloading please click the below Download two button. If one link do not work properly when you download the book. Another link please clicks and downloads. For User easiness we upload the book on two links name is Download Book and Read Book Online.


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