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Understanding War in Afghanistan

This monograph is an intellectual primer on war in Afghanistan. I
come to this task through a string of accidents that has kept me involved
with war in Afghanistan as a Soldier and an academic for over 30 years.
It began in graduate school at Columbia University in New York City,
where I was privileged to study with some of the Nation’s greatest experts
on the Soviet Union and Central Europe, and with another superb crew
of scholars on war and peace issues. These interests came together with
the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
From 1980 to 1984, I worked on my dissertation on the Soviet invasion
under the guidance of two consummate professionals: Professors
Marshall Shulman, the former Advisor to Secretary of State Cyrus Vance
on Soviet affairs; and Zalmay Khalilzad, a young academic strategist who
later became a colleague in the Pentagon and still later Ambassador to
Afghanistan, his boyhood home, and then to Iraq. Three colleagues at
West Point were very helpful in my study of Afghanistan: then-Colonel
Ty Cobb, my boss, and a future senior director on the National Security
Council (NSC) staff; Visiting Professor Jerry Hudson, a superb Soviet
expert and a demanding coach; and the late Louis Dupree, the world’s
leading Afghanistan specialist, a scholar with a soldier’s heart. David Isby
and Bill Olson have also been friends and tutors on Southwest Asia since
1980. My former student and Army colleague Tom Lynch has joined their
ranks and has been especially helpful on the issue of modern-day Pakistan.For downloading please click the below Download two button. If one link do not work properly when you download the book. Another link please clicks and downloads. For User easiness we upload the book on two links name is Download Book and Read Book Online.


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