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If this book seems to have departed from the proper ideal of historic narrative--if it is the history of a Power,
and not of a _People_--it is because the Russian people have had no history yet. There has been no evolution
of a Russian nation, but only of a vast governing system; and the words "Russian Empire" stand for a majestic
world-power in which the mass of its people have no part. A splendidly embroidered robe of Europeanism is
worn over a chaotic, undeveloped mass of semi-barbarism. The reasons for this incongruity--the natural
obstacles with which Russia has had to contend; the strange ethnic problems with which it has had to deal; its
triumphant entry into the family of great nations; and the circumstances leading to the disastrous conflict
recently concluded, and the changed conditions resulting from it--such is the story this book has tried to tell.
M. P. P.
Natural Conditions Greek Colonies on the Black Sea The Scythians Ancient Traces of Slavonic Race
Hunnish Invasion Distribution of Races Slavonic Religion Primitive Political Conceptions
The Scandinavian in Russia Rurik Oleg Igor Olga's Vengeance Olga a Christian Sviatoslaf Russia the
Champion of the Greek Empire in Bulgaria Norse Dominance in Heroic Period. 
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