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Indus Valley (A Story of Rehabilitation)

Indus Valley (A Story of Rehabilitation) : . So this book express very amazing history of India and Sindh valley. The book is really very unique and excellent. The following are the CONTENTS
Sr.No Content Page No
1 Indus valley civilization 5
2 Indus river 5
3 Sindh & Kachchh part of Indus civilization 8
4 Map of Indus valley civilization 9
5 Periodic table of Indus Valley civilization 10
6 Maharaja Dharsen 11
7 Bombay Presidency 13
8 Separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency 14
9 Tharparkar 18
10 Amarkot & Khaipar 19
11 Possibility of Indus water for Rajasthan and Gujarat 20
12 Origin of Amils 21
13 Sindhis relied on Mahatma Gandhi 25
14 Dream of Sindhis of Independent Sindh failed 26
15 Indo-Pak Partition 32
16 Migration of Hindu Sindhis from Pakistan 34
17 Kachchh singed instrument of accession 36
18 Efforts of Mahatma Gandhi to Rehabilitate Sindhis in
Kachchh 39
19 Similarity between Sindh and Kachchh was the reason for
selection of Kachchh for rehabilitation of Sindhis 40
20 Bhai Pratap Dialdas Founder of Gandhidham 71
21 Constitution of Gandhidham Township 74
22 Efforts for settlements of evacuated property in India and
Pakistan 77
23 The Administration Of Evacuee Property Act, 1950  80
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