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The Hajj Best Guide line and instructive book. This book is almost about Hajj(pilgrimage) and written in the light of Quran Surah Al-Imran, Ayah 96 – 97 . This is really very supreme and noble guide book for all those whose want information or Knowledge about  Hajj because Hajj is Compulsory in Islam but for those who have power (Financially) to afford all hajj Expenses. This nice Hajj Book is in English language and in pdf format. The book is published by Maktabah Bookseller and Publisher Birmingham – England and Digitalize by maktabah.net . The  content of the book is .  01). The Kaba,h is the first  house of Worship. 02). The name of Makkah Such as Bakkah . 03). The station of Ibrahim . 04).  Al-haram , the sacred area, is a safe Area . 05).  The Necessity of Performing Hajj. 06).  Meaning of  :Afford:  in the Ayah . 07). The one whose denies  the necessity  of hajj become a Disbeliever . So this Hajj book you may Download or Read Online free of cost.  
.For User easiness we upload the Book on Two links. One link is Yellow Color Name :Download Book from Link A:and the Other is Black Color Name:Download Book From Link B: You can read also this book Online from any one Link which are mention above. If mention above link is stop working then you may definitely download book from other alternative link which is mention above. If you like this book then please leave COMMENTS without any hesitation about this book. Your comment will show about your like and dislike about this book. Thank You.


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