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Biography of Prominent Sahabaah

Biography of Sahaabah : The book describe the history of  Prominent Sahaaban with full detail . This is very noble book about the biography of Sahaabah which deliver you amazing info and history about Islam and Sahaaban . So we write some short description of these Sahaabah . 01. Adiyy Ibn e Hathim RA ( Adiyy was the son of famous Hatim At Taai hes was popular for the wide and far generosity . The way in which adiyy become a Muslim . This also one best and instructive story . 02. Ikrimah Ibne Abi Jahal ( At the end of third decade of the life on the day Prophet made public his call to guidance and truth . Ikrimah was the son of the biggest enemy of Islam Abu Jahal . But Ikrimah leave every oh his father and embrace Islam . 03. Ayesha Bint e Abu Baker RA ( Ayesha is the whose prove that woman are do good work than man . In her adult ( Youth ) she was very pretty and famous for her memory . She come under the Holy Prophet Mohammad ( SAW ) care and attention . Mohammad (SAW ) also love with Ayesha from the button his heart but it does not that Mohammad ( SAW ) nor love with other wives . So for more detail please download this best biography book of Sahaabah free . This book is really make you very smart about Islam and the Hero of Islam also . This fabulous and excellent book of Biography you may also gift to your lovely relative and friends also . Its grantee once you start this book you never stop the reading of this book before to end . The author of the book also express the whole book in a very simple and easy word which every one familiar with these words . The book is light just a few KB and also few Pages total 35 and you can read this just in two or three hours . So the book is in English language and in PDF format . This book you can download , Share and read online without any charges means totally free of cost . For download please find out the two button one is Yellow color ( Download Book From A ) and the other is Blue Color ( Download Book From B ) . Both button are for book reading and downloading . If one link is fail you may download or read book from other link .
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