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College aur Larki  ( College and Girl ) :
This book is also clear from name that express all about female education . The author of the book written about Modern education system and old education system . The author express that Islam does not give permission of education in such a system where male female seat each other  and have no distance . Because Islam does not give the meeting of male female where they have Nikah with each other . In old education system parents try to get their daughter knowledge about how to look after their kids and how to handle their home work . In old education system there is separate school or college for female . Now in Modern education system the concept of male female are approximately going to end . Islam does not say that female education is prohibited  but express some boundary of female education . According to author , I saw so many boys of college that make gossip with college girls , Whereas Islam say the meeting of Non Person ( Ghir Muharam) with your daughter , sister or any other . But modern education system give full permission .  The author write down one of the fabulous sentence which is front of you : One of the Hustler delegation meet with Law Minister and say . If you want we give books and wears a monarchy dress to Hustler and can continue this business in a social way  . The author also express very deeply the old education Pak Hind with full proof . He say in old Hind when a girl is little about become wisdom ,Father and Mother try to give education about kids look after or other related with their daily life . But now days in Hindustan and Pakistan when a girl become a wisdom the father or mother of the girl try to give education in Christian or any Eponymous Muslim School or college and do not care how these school or college far away from their home . So this is the only book which clearly and deeply express all about of Modern Education System about Female . The author of the book is not against the female education but only against the modern system of education . So this book once must read just for knowledge and get mind blow information about co education system how baneful . The book once you start to read I am sure you never aside before end . This also necessary to know about book : The size of the book is 5 MB , Format of the book is EXE , Page of the book is app 50 and the author of the book is Hafiz Mohammad Jameel . Download , Share and read online this best Islamic book of Urdu ( College aur Larki ) free of cost . For downloading or read online this book please scroll down and find out the two button one is red color and the other is orange color . Both are for downloading and read online for the book . For user easiness we upload this book on two links . if one link is fail you may download or read online this book from the other mention link .


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