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English Grammar In Urdu :  This is very unique book of English Grammar  which express all 12 tenses in very simple and clearly . Mostly peoples try to learn about English grammar but they do not know fully English so they fail in this mission . so now we solve this problem of this types peoples . This book explain the English in Urdu language which can easily understand any types of person . The author of the book  all 12 tenses with example and with full explanation . We say this is really very best book for those whose just want to learn English grammar from book must read this book . The book is also a gift for beginner of grammar . These are the 12 tenses of the book which express both in English and Urdu with full detail .
1 Introduction 3
2 Twelve verb Tenses 6
3 Present Tenses 7
- Present Indefinite Tense 7
- Present Continuous Tense 11
- Present Perfect Tense 14
- Present Perfect Continuous Tense 16
4 Past Tenses 19
- Past Indefinite Tense 19
- Past Continuous Tense 21
- Past Perfect Tense 23
- Past Perfect Continuous Tense 25
5 Future Tenses 27
- Future Indefinite Tense 27
- Future Continuous Tense 29
- Future Perfect Tense 30
- Future Perfect Continuous Tense 32
Download , Share and read online this best English Grammar in Urdu free of cost .It’s also necessary to know about size and author of the book also . The author of the book is Saif ullah Jan ,  Size of the book is 2.3 MB , format of the book is PDF , and convey to you by www.freepdfpost.blogspot.com . We upload all book on two links one link is pink color and the other is Blue color . if one link is not working proper you may download you book from other link which is also below the book front pages . You also download our other books like , Dictionaries , Islamic History , Novels , Poetry , Accounts , Audits , MCQs with Answers all types , General History books , Spy Agencies Books , Kids books and much more free .


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  1. This book is really useful. Thank you for publishing this information blog, because it was very nice from your side. You have done such a great job. Thank you for it.

  2. such a very nice book , i read fully book,so amazing book , i had good experience for your books, best of wishes to all contribute of them book


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