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FASTING and its RULES :  The book also clear from name that about Fasting and its rules . Fasting is in the month of Ramdan and Fasting is one of the  forth pillar of Islam . Fasting is obligatory on every adult man and woman . Those whose refude from Fasting is out of Islam . Fasting is open expression of Love with ALLAH . Fasting is start from before Sun rise to Sunset .  This is book express all about Fasting from which fasting become Broken and Haram .Who is exempted from fasting . 01 Children under the age of puberty and discretion . 02 . Old men and women and feed able are exempted from fasting . These are the main point of book  . 01 . Wisdom behind fasting , 02 . Something a fasting person allow to do . 03 . Recommended act on fasting . 04 . Last ten nights of Ramazan . 05 . Some authentic and weak Ahaadeet about fasting . So for more detail please once must read this book . This book will provide a best knowledge and guide line of fasting .  The author of the book is Sheikh Abu Hatim and in English language . The page of the book are 170 and in PDF format . Download , Share and read online this best book free of cost . We upload all books on two links . One link is Oink Color  and the other is Blue color . If one link is not working proper you may download your book from other alternative link which are mention below the book Picture or image . Pleas you can also download our other books . War History , Islamic History , General history , Novels , Poetry , Kids , Account , MCQs with Answers all types , and much more . Pleas must leave comments if you like our this book .


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