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Fazail -e- Sadaqat : This is noble and excellent book of Islam about Sacrifice of Wealth among Poor Peoples . The Sacrifice of wealth  among poor is one of the prominent deed in Islam and Mostly Muslim Sacrifice their wealth in the month of Ramadan . This is one of the most read book in the world . Now I write down some important sentence about Sadaqah in the light Quran and Ahadis . Holy Quran and Ahadith of Rasulallah (SAW) , The greatest  of mankind , contain exhortation ti give away Sadqah ( Sacrifice ) that , after going through them .
This the one of noble sentence of Quran . The highest achievement of life to attain ,Falah , The term Falah implies success and happiness in Spiritual and worldly . Falah in the life of Akhirat ( Doom day ) Consist of four things . 01. Internal Life : 02. Riches that have no shadow of poverty : 03. Honor with no trace of disgrace : 04. Knowledge with know no taint of Ignorance . In case of absolute : FALAH : success implies in the highest degree of life both in Spiritual and material life .So this is very noble and fabulous book of Islam in English language .The size of the book is few KB and pages of the book are 159 . This book is give you very instructive information about Sadqah (Sacrifice ) . So download , Share and Read Online this best book of Fazail –e- Sadqah free of cost . Scroll down and search out two button one is red color and the other is orange color . both are for book downloading and online reading . If one link is not working proper you may click on other mention button and download or read online your book free . 


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