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Science Key Azeem Mazamin : Important Essay of Science : This fabulous informative and instructive book contain the important Essays of Important Scientist but all essays are not from science . Some essays are closely related with our daily life which provide him very best lesson . Anyhow all problems and  Objects are describe in the light of Science . The book contain the following scientist essays which are below mention . Francis Beacon , William Jims , H G Wills , Fried Burter , T H Hassle , G K H , Carl Sagan , John Brose , Rachel Carson , Free Man Dei Son , Lois Thomson and etc . Basically the author of the book is Morton Guerdons and translated to Urdu by Shahzad Ahmed . The Urdu version of this book is Published by Mashalbook from Lahore and the price of Hard copy is 120 . We present the nice saying of Carl Sandburg : One a White man draw a circle on a sand and ask from red man . and say this is the circle which know only red Indian . Then draw big circle around small circle and say this the circle which know only white man . After that Red Indian man catch a straw from a white man and draw a big circle around both circle which is already draw by white and say this is the circle which do not know red Indian and white man . So this is noble and unique book for life and the will give you very best line for your daily life . For more please download or Read online this book free of cost .Dears all you also download our other books like , War History , Politics , Islamic History , Spy books , Israeli , Qadiani , English Poetry , Urdu Poetry , Sex Books , Shaadi Books , General Islamic books and much more free . For downloading or Read Online this book please scroll down and find out two buttons one is red color and the other is orange color . both are for downloading and read online . If one is fail you may download or read online your book from other link .  The size of the book is 18 MB , Pages of the book are 210 and language which use is Urdu and every one can easily understand .


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