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Islamic Info : This is book is all about Islamic Information and word explanation  . The book also explain the date of important visit of Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and like other related unique and noble information .  The book also explain very core words about Islam like , Islam and arab , Muslim and arab , All the One and the Only God , Source of Islam , Some Islamic Principles ( Oneness of God , Oneness of Mankind , Oneness of Messengers and message  ,  Angels and the day of Judgment , innocence of man at birth  and state & religion ) . Practice of Islam  ( Creed ( Shahada ) , Prayer ( Salat) , Fasting , Purifying tax ( Zakat ) , and much more . This is very best Islamic book for those whose do not know clear  about Islamic Words and date to date events . This is best Islamic History book but the book is in english language and in PDF format . The size of the book 741 KB and page of the are 28 . Our best team upload this book on two links . One link is pink color name : Download Book From  link 01 and the other is blue color name : Download book from link 02 .  Download , Share and read online this best Islamic History book free of cost . If you lik this book please must leave comment and you comments  are highly appreciated . Our other books like , War Books , Commerce books , Islamic History books , Poetry Books , Novels , MCQs Books , and much more free of cost .


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