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Global Science Magazine : This is one of the best and noble Magazine in Urdu language which delivered you a very noble and amazing information about Sciences which never you seen before this . What is Science and what is not.. ?. Science is non finished journey and it discover and produce new and noble invention .In modern time Some Analyst say Science is basically secular which have no religious but its totally wrong and prejudice with science . if we read the invention of science we definitely find out the creation of ALLAH .  Now we present the Contents of the Magazine .
01.                        How we produce electricity from flowing water …?
02.                        Desi Air condition Creation by  fahim Ahmad Khan
03.                        Aero weapons Complex by Nadeem Ahmad
04.                        Fact of Exercise Hakeem Faizan Shahid baloch
05.                        Cyber Crimes and Pakistan  Bilal Akram Kashmiri
06.                        Computer and Troubleshooting
07.                        Free and informative downloading by Fahim Ahmad Khan
08.                        Natural 576 Mega Pixel Camera M bilal Ahmad
09.                        Water …! Is life and health by komal Ijaz
10.                        Journey of Light by Danish A Shahzad
11.                        D N A by Aleem Ahmad
12.                        Sciences Question and Sciences Answers by Nauman Bin Malik
25000 Mega watt Electricity still wait for Pakistani Leader and Scientist .  If Pakistan give preference toward river water they can easily get 25000 mega watt electricity on very low cost . The magazine very clearly express all about 25000 mega watt electricity in Pakistan . So this is very informative and instructive magazine about science and country natural resources . So this book is also nice and excellent gift for those who like and want science magazine or book . This book give you enough knowledge and information which never read you before this . if we talk about electricity that we get from water . we directly think that their will be hug number of turbines and Dames but this is not totally right .  Lets come toward example that we get electricity from water without turbines and dames .  GHAZI BAROTHA PROJECT is one the live example which impress the whole world . So please for more detail scroll down and get out the two button one is : Download Book from Link A and the other is : Download Book from Link B . Before downloading keep in mind this book is only for reading if you want to print or upload then please take permission from publisher or auther of the magazine .  So thanks once again to visit our blog . Pease keep in touch and enjoy nice and noble informative book free of cost . The publisher of the magazine is  GLOBAL SCIENCES , Pages of the magazine is 16 and format of the magazine is PDF . 


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