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Maholiyat Ki Reporting ( ماحولیات کی رپورٹنگ)

Reporting On the Environment : Maholiyat Ki Reporting  :  This reporting book is prepared by Asian  Forum of  Environmental  Journalist ( A F E J )  and translated to Urdu by Sheikh Riaz Ahmad . The world make so fast progress and invented new way of  reporting so the world become a global village . Nothing is far away from any person . News Agencies  like Tele Printer , Millions of Television Channels  , World telephone Services , Internet ,  Daily Newspapers and etc give day and night wide range of Information to Public about Environment .
Printing is the first and important source of mass communication . Before printing the information , Ideas and thinking convey to public through two sources one is Verbally communication form and the other is hand writing .  So on these ways the much of information convey to public is not possible . Through verbal information one of the biggest problem is that the information not stored . The listener just believe on his recall or remembrance . Book method is also use but this method was very comprehensive and spend much of time . When printing press invented then bring a great revolution in Communication . So printing press give access of information and knowledge to common man .
First Newspaper was published from Bengal after East India Company in 1780 . 1822 first  Urdu Newspaper  : Jam-e-jahan Numa :  was published . In south Asia the first Newspapers was publish by under the Supervision of Foreigner during 1857 freedom movement  . So this time its necessary to bring awareness in public about Freedom and politics . So now you may also observe all south Asia newspapers also full of Politics .  So this is the result of 1857 freedom movement against British government .
This is very nice and informative book for all new trainee in the field of Journalism . This book will give you very nice tips and tricks that how you report about environment . Environment report is very complex and want very enough information not only about environment but also want information roundabout also .  This book once you start reading you will never keep aside before end .  This is one of the most excellent and fabulous book about  environment in Urdu .
Download ,Share and read online this book of Urdu about Environment  free of cost .   For downloading and reading online this book  please go down and find out the two links or buttons . One is light Green ( Download Book From Link A ) and the other  is Pink ( Download Book From Link B ) . Both links for downloading and reading . If one is fail then you may download or read online from other mention link .
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It is also important to know about book author , publisher and etc . The author of the book which translate to Urdu by  Sheikh Riaz Ahmed , Publish by Mashalbook  Lahore , Pages of the book 212 and size of the book is 15.18 MB . So enjoy with us wide range of free books.


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