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Returning Your Trust

Return to Your Trust (  Aap Ki Amanat Aap ki Sewa Mein ) :  This is one of the best instructive and informative book in the light of Islam . The author of the book is Muhammad Saddique Kaleem  . This book is basically translate from Urdu to English by Saffia Iqbal . Lets come toward the book preface . What will be your reaction if you see a baby which see you barefoot and about a step onto tiny . obviously you would at once rush to the child and sweep him off into your arms . in same way if a man burnt in and torched in the fire . you will be highly terrible and your soul and heart will be definitely fire out . anyhow why this happen with you ..?  its happens because all human are offspring  the same  parents  , the first couple who inhibited earth . So each hearts is beautiful and beats with pain of every human .  This is the method of every Muslim and Human to feel the pain of other brother . The author of the book Muhammad Kaleem Saddique is a very nice and noble man consumed with passion and compassion to rescue men for that fire . its really needless for me to express this . its my deep wish to see and read my words of love through eye of love . Now I convey to you beautiful fact . this is the universal truth or fact , in reality , is the greatest truth of which man needs to be conscious and which   he need to believe in after stepping into this world . THE PRIME TRUTH : The truth master has laid out a bare truth in his true book . The Quran : Everyone shall taste of death  . then unto US you shall be returned ( Quran -29-57 ) . So this is really very noble advise book for all Muslims and this book is once must read . The book is very interesting and soul full joy .  The book once you start reading your heart and soul will pleasure .  This also important to know about book publication and much more . The Book Published by Aman Publication , Muzzafernagar , UP India , Design nd compiled by Muhammad Usman ,  Size is 455 KB , Pages are 32 and format is PDF .  So download or read online this best English Islamic book ( Return to Your Truth ) free . to read or download this book please scroll down and find out the two button one is Yellow color ( DOWNLOAD BOOK FROM LINK A ) and the other is blue color ( DOWNLOAD BOOK FROM B ) . Both link are for reading the book or downloading this book . if one link is not working proper then you can download or read this book other link . We request from all users if you want any suggestion about book or site design then please feel free and leave your suggestion in comments box . we highly appreciate those user whose give suggestion they may positive or negative . 

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