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Zahir Ud Din Babar History

Zahir ud Din Babar : This is one of the best historical book or Novel you may say about the Ex Ruler of India Zahir Ud Din Barbar . The novel express very deeply the character of Zahir Ud Din during ruling on India . So its also important to know about short history of Zahir Ud Din Muhammad babar . Zahir Ud Din was the son of Umer Sheikh Mirza and born on Feb 14 , 1483 and died December 26 , 1530 . The father of Babar was died when Babar was only 11 year old . After the death of Umer Sheikh the father of Babar . The Babar  Cousin and Uncles turn against him and  he had to run away . After three years he return and took the control Samarkand . Samarkand was the capital of Amir timur for long time . Samarkand was the heart  of central Asia Politically , Economically and culturally . The persons whose moulded the personality of Babar one was his family teacher Sheikh Majid and the other was his mother Ahsan Daulat Begum . He learn the art of administration in childhood from his grandmother and also learn Turki and Persian and poetry from his tutor . 1504 AD babar attack on Afghanistan Kabul and become the ruler of Kabul after that in 1526 he set out from home and try to attack on India . But he had only 12000 men with him and he promise with Governor of Punjab Daulat Khan Lodhi to help him . When Zahir Ud Din Babar arrive to India Daulat Khan Lodhi Afraid to help and last he backed out . and so Babar start attack on Delhi by with small no of Army . Ibrahim Lodhi reported to Babar to have one hundred thousand men and one hundred Elephant but Babar was full of Modern weapons and with turki Style Artillery  .  So this the short story of Babar now we come toward his personal life or Domestic life . Babar have Nine (09 ) wives Ayeshah Sultan Begum , Begum Mubarika Yusufzay , Dildar Begum , Gulnar , Gulrukh Begum , Maham Begum , Masumeh Begum , Nargul , Sayyidia Afaq , and Zainab Sultan Begum . Babar have only six ( 06 ) childes 04 Male and 02 Female . So this is very interesting and historical novel about Zahir Ud Din Mohammad Babar . The novel express very clearly all characters and struggle of babar . The author of the book also use very simple word which every one familiar with all these words . So once you read this book we sure you will get enough information about Zahir Ud Din Babar and also about India . So this is not only about Babar life but also express very deeply history about India .  Lets we come toward book author , size and much more . The Author of the book is Ishtiaq Fatima Azmaa , Size of the book is 12 MB , Pages of the book 15 , Chapter of the book 15 and format of the book is PDF . So download , Read and share this best historical  novel free of cost . If you want any suggestion about book or blog please feel free and leave your comment in comments box . For download or read online please scroll down below and find out the two button one is Yellow color and the other is Blue color . So both links are for downloading and read online this book . If one link is fail you  may download or read online this book from other link which is mention below .

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