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Khalid Bin Al Waleed History Book free Download

KHALID BIN AL WALID (Sword of Allah)
This best Islamic History book expresses noble and best Islamic Military General history of Khalid Bin Al Waleed. This book very deeply and clearly expresses the beautiful history of Khalid Bin Al Walleed. This book once you read we sure you never aside this best Islamic History book before to end and also gift to your friends and relative also.  For your kind review we present some of the best story of the book. Khalid bin al Waleed threw the tall boy (The first cousin of Khalid Bin Al Waleed) but this was not permanent fall. As the tall boy fall one of the small crack and after some time the laughably twisted of this leg showed that the bone had broken. The stricken boy lay motionless on the ground and Khalid Bin Al Waleed stared horror at the broken leg of his friend and nephew.  So this was very short story of the book if you want more and more detail and stories then please you must download this book or read online . So this is also the trace back of Tiger of Islamic Military Khalid Bin Al Waleed
son of Al Waleed
son of Al Mugheerah
son of Abdullah
son of Umar
son ofMakhzum (after whom the clan was named)
son of Yaqza
son ofMurra
son of Kab
son of Luwayy
son of Ghalib
son of Fihr
son ofMalik
son of Al Nazr
son of Kinana
son of Khuzeima
son ofMudrika
son of Ilyas
son ofMuzar
son of Nizar
son ofMa'add
son of Adnan
son of Udd
son ofMuqawwam
son of Nahur
son of Teirah
son of Ya'rub
son of Yashjub
son of Nabit
son of Isma'il (regarded as the father of the Arabians)
son of Ibrahim (the prophet)
son of Azar
son of Nahur
son of Sarugh (or Asragh)
son of Arghu
son of Falakh
son of Eibar
son of Shalakh
son of Arfakhshaz
son of Saam
son of Noah (the prophet)
son of Lamk
son ofMattushalakh
son of Idris (the prophet)
son of Yard
son ofMuhla'il
son of Qeinan
son of Anush
son of Sheis
son of Adam (the father of mankind)
Download and read online this Islamic History book about Khalid Bin Al Waleed free of cost. For downloading please scroll down and search out the two buttons one is Black color and the other is Red color. Both button and links are for downloading and reading online this book. So this book is published by Alkaram Muktabah Classic , Size of the book is few MB which is very light and can download in moment , Pages of the book are 320 and format of the book is PDF .


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