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Muqadas Jang ( Holy War ) :: This the other noble history book about Afghanistan War . This book express the whole history of Taliban also that how they into being and how they get so modern weapon and tools of war. The author of the Hayat Ullah which practically participate in Afghan war against America and NATO. The author express the whole story about his self that how they reach to Afghanistan and then how he meet with the commander of Afghanistan war. This book is really very unique about the history Taliban in Afghanistan. This book once you’re read we are sure you will feel very best information about Afghanistan war. This is the short summary of the book which you can guess that the book is really informative. Before twelve years the America starts propaganda against Taliban Islamic Government in Afghanistan and lands his entire fighter plane on the land of Afghanistan and start Bombardment on innocent peoples of Afghanistan. Eponymous Super Power (USA) self Attack on World Trade Center to make Pretext against Taliban of Afghanistan to demolish his Islamic Style Government. American and his allies was full proud n his Advance War weapons and Technology but Afghan Taliban meet his Proud in ash. America fought 12 years meaningless war in Afghanistan and waste many soldiers and Weapons. The author also writes that when America and his allies attack on Afghanistan in 2001 the whole Islamic Countries was in confusion that now what make Afghanistan and Taliban..?  Hayat Ullah the author of the book also writes in his book Muqadas Jan that Non Muslims Propaganda against Taliban that they are against Women education. He presents few example of Women education in Afghanistan. According my study and knowledge this book is very informative and gift for those who want information about war and especially about Afghanistan. This book expresses the A to Z story of Afghan war and Taliban in Urdu language. The author book use very easy words which every reader can easily understand and never feel the Urdu or English dictionary need.  So if you want more information about this book then please feel and scroll down and find out the two links one is Black color and the other is Red color. Both links are for downloading and reading this book online free. We try to upload book like this for our users free of cost. Please keep in mind we only upload soft copy of the book just for 24 hours. Those who want any of our upload books please take permission from author or publisher .We have no authority to give permission to any one for republish of print out.  So download and read online the Best History Book of Afghanistan War in Urdu. 

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