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Punjabi Poetry Book (اپنے اندر دی تھر تھلی)\free Download

Punjabi Poetry Book by Farrukh Hamayon : The name of the book is Apne Ander Di Ther Thali : This book is really distinguish from all other Punjabi poetry books . Because this book also English translation with all poetry .  So I present some of the interesting poetry of the book .
These verses in the mother tongue to your name
My humanity and Scrounge to your Name
O Mother your name is the Choicest
I dedicated my true feeling to your name
This is the English translation of the book . Now I present the this verses in Punjabi language but in roman Punjabi .
Maa Boli Di Bol teri Naan Ker naan Waan
Apna Eiahan Kashkol Teri Naan ker naan Waan
Maa tou Changa  naan Kaase Da Deesda ney
Apne Sachay Qawal Teri Naan Ker Naan waan
So this is the first title page poetry of the book . Now I wana to present the book some other interesting poetry which really like you .
Raaba Hisaab Naa karein : Judge me not O Lard !
Exonerates me for what All I have done
Redress my Duress with your pardon
Look I rise my hand for Pray
Let me have drink  I say
Shah Kaly badel : Dark Clouds
Dark cloud inside my heart are showering
Surrounding me these dark cloud are towering
Punjabi Translation
Maan di wich Wasaan Mere Kaly Shah Badel
Aaj mere char Chafry Kaly Shah Badel
So for more detail please download this book or read online free of cost . The book is really best designated and best design writing . Also the poet use very easy and simple words which every reader can easily understand and pick the meaning of the poetry . This book once you start w are sure you never aside before ending . This book is fabulous and excellent gift for those who like and love Punjabi Poetry books . So this also necessary to know about the book poet , publication and etc . The poet  of the book is Farrukh Hmayon , Publish by Sahar Publication Lahore , The size of the book is 30 MB , Page of the book is 72 , Language of the book is Punjabi and format of the book is PDF . So enjoy best Punjabi Poetry Book free . to Download and read online this book please check the two button or links below and one is Black color the other is Red color . So keep in touch with us and find out best Punjabi Poetry book free of cost . Thank You to Visit our blog . For more books please like our facebook page www.facebook.com/2lacbooks


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