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Sahaba Karam Key Jangi Marike Best Islamic Urdu Book

Sahaba Karam K Jangi Marike : Best documented Islamic History book in Urdu from which you can get enough knowledge about Islamic Prominent Personality which sacrifice his lives for Islam brightness . So this book contain very important Reasoning detail which mostly in favor of our Islamic Scholar and this reasoning are really very instructive and informative which make you very smart about the knowledge of Islamic Studies . We present some of the important detail of these reasoning which you can easily guess that these are really informative or not . The reasoning of priest or defrock with Rabia bin Aamir ( RA) . King of Roman Harqal also send of the best priest with his army . This priest have wide knowledge about his religious and he was also very smart master of reasoning . Berjis : Holy father please ask from this Arabic man about his Religious . Priest ask from Rabia bin Aamir  O Arabic man. I read in our holy books that your prophet will be direct contact and meeting with our Allah . Can your prophet meet with Allah..? Rabia Bin aamir replied yes he meet with Allah and prove with this Quran Sentence and his Urdu translation is this : Pak hai who Zaat jis ne Seer Karai apne bando ko Raat Masjid-e-Haram se Masjid-e-Aqsa tak  jis me hum ne Khubian rakhi hai. Takeh hum apni Nishaniyon ko Dikhla Sakein  ( Sorah Bani Israel ) . So this is the one of the short story of the book and if you want more information then please download or read online this book .
So this is the main topic of the book which describe in detail
:  Hazrat Khalid ( RA) ka Damashk ka Mukhsra Kerna
:  Harqal ko Derwan k Damashk ki tarf Bijhna
:  Hazrat Zarar ( RA ) ko Derwan k Mukable k lye Jana
:  Shah Harqal ka Derwan k naam Maktub
:  Jarjis aur Khalid Bin Walid ki baham Guftago
:  Hazrat Abu Bakar ka Khalid ( RA ) k naam Khat
:  Toma ka Shab Khon k Araz Say Lashker ko Terghib Dina
:  Haqal Apni Biti ko Talb Kerna aur Khalid ( RA ) ko Batwre Hadya Dina
So this also some of the important topic of the book . This is the only name of the book for detail you must read this book .  To download or read online this book please scroll down and search out the two button one is Black Color and the other is Red color . Both are for downloading and reading online this . If one link is fail then you can download or read online this book from other mention link . The euhtor of the book is Maulana Shabir Ahmad , Size of the book is 107 MB , Pages of the book are 545 , The book publish by  ALmizan Nashir , Tajiran Kutab Alkareem Market  Lahore Pakistan , language of the book is Urdu and format of the book is PDF . So download this Best Islamic History book of Urdu free . Thank you to visit our Blog .


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