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Tareekh-e-Ghilaf-e-Kaba In Urdu

Ghilaf-e-Kaba (Cover of Kaba). This book expresses the history of cover of Kaba and the importance and love of all Muslims with Kaba (The house of Allah). This book also shows from name that how much important topic discus which like almost all Muslim of the world. Basically the book is in Urdu language which also translated to Arabic language due to important history and topic. Every Muslim of the world wants to visit and kiss the House of Allah not once. So the author written that why all Muslims Love with Kaba..? This is the importance of Kaba that all Muslim Pray their prayers toward Kaba. Its fact that Makkah is our real Miraj and Kaba is Real Center of Islam. From ancient age Kaba is the palce of Worship of various Religious. Like JEWS, Idolaters, Parsi nd etc. So this is very difficult to say that who cover Kaba..? But in the History of book: Jamah Al-Latif: Hazrat Ismail (AS) Covered the Kaba. So if this right then this credit goes to Prophet Hazrat Ismail (AS).But this not clear that before Kaba Cover As this right that Peoples Covered his Worship places..? But Normally the Inventor of Kaba Covere is Acknowledge the king of Yemen Asad Khamiri.   So this is the snip short of the book for more detail please download or read online this best History book of Islam. It is also important to write down the contents of the book.  Covered of Kaba in the age of Ignorant , Invention of Kaba Covered , Causes of wearing Covered , History of Covered on Kaba in the age of ignorant , Initial Days of Islam and Covered of Kaba , Why Islam Permissible of Covered of Kaba , Covered of Kaba in Caliphate of Usmania , Haroon Rashid and Covered of Kaba ,and etc. These Islamic history books contain total 17 Seventeen Chapters and each chapter express very unique and amazing history of Covered of Kaba and other Islamic events. The author of the book use very simple which you can easily pick up. The book is in Urdu language and in PDF format. We also try to upload best Islamic general book and as well as History book in both languages English and Urdu. For downloading please scroll down and find out the two buttons one is black color (DOWNLOAD BOOK FROM LINK A) and the other is Red Color (DOWNLOAD BOOK FROM LINK B).  So leave your suggestion about our blog free. We highly appreciate those who give suggestion about our blog. So this book is Publish by Matboa Masood Dakan Press Hyderabad India , Pages of the book is 109, and size of the book is 52 MB and author of the book is Ali Shabir Muntazim High Court Hyderabad Dakan India.


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