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A Difference Between Advising and Condemning

A Difference between Advise and Condemning: This book is very informative and instructive and the whole book is described in the light of Islamic education.  The book also show from name that express very great topics which we face everywhere in life. Form of Advising: It is the understood that those who advise you to come toward ALLAH must be with kindness, Respect and Veneration. Advising in the form of Islamic Education, and whoever earns a fault or a sin and then throws it onto someone innocent, he has indeed burdened himself with falsehood and a manifest sin.” SO the manner of advising in the light of Islamic views whosoever condemns his brother for a sin (he committed) will not die until he has Committed it (i.e. the same sin) himself.” So this is the few Islamic phrases about Advising and the author of the book use very simple and easy word which can read and pick up the meaning of the book. Islamic Education or Expression about Condemning (And as for those who set up a masjid in order to cause harm, (spread) disbelief, disunite the believers and to make it as an outpost for those who made war against Allah and His Messenger since aforetime, they will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good. But Allah bears witness that they are certainly liars.” 43). So those who download this best Islamic Book about Advising and Condemning please scroll down and get out the two links one is Black Color and the other is Red Color. Both links are for downloading and read online. Why we upload all books on two links…? If one is failure then you may download or read online from another mention link. Thank you to visit our blog. Also like our page for all upcoming books www.facebook.com/pk322 .


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  4. You depict it truly well better believe it's truly immense distinction among these words.

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