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Hayewanat-e-Qurani Urdu Islamic Book

This book is basically expressing the history of those animals which have already described our holy book Quran Majjid. This book expresses the Names, Attributes, and much more about these animals. According my studies and knowledge this is the first chronological book which very deeply express. The names of all animals mention in this book with Arabic or Urdu Alphabets Alif, Bey, Tey and etc. According the author of the book few animals names are using in different in different situations. Like Camel. Camels name use in two important situations in holy book Quran Kareem. In Arabic language the different name use for camel but this two name use in our holy book with situation in first ALLAH say I create camels with two attributes one is Male and the other is female. And the second. Are you do not get lessons from Camels how differ create from other animals..? So for more detail you must download this great Islamic Urdu history book. The author of the book is Maulana Abdul Majid Derya badi, the size of the book is 2.9 MB, The pages are 218 and format is PDF.The book is really very interesting and informative and those who want to learn about Islamic History once must read this book.
So this is the few main topics of the book which you can easily guess that the book is really interesting. We also upload other books like Islamic History , English Poetry, Pashto Poetry, Account Books, MCQs books, Islamic History, Countries History, Journalism, VIP history, Medical Books, Computer books, Urdu Computer Books, Sex guide Books,Shaadi Books, Islamic General Books, English Islamic Books, and etc. So for downloading this book please scroll down and get out the two links one is Black color ( Get Book From A ) and the other is Red color (Get Book From B). So those who like our blog and want suggestion about blog please feel free and leave your comments. For more upcoming books please like our page www.facebook.com/PK322


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