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Lesson From History Best Islamic History Book

Lesson From History:
This is one of the best and excellent book of Islamic history but the book is in English language. The substance of this book is based on the ideas published by Dr. lsrar Ahmad in 1993 in the columns of the Urdu daily Naua-e-Waqto f Lahore. The series of write-ups continued for a few months and was widely read with interest. The entire material, after slight editing, was published in a book form in October 1993 under the title Sabiqa our Maujuda Musalman Ummatun ka Mazi, Haal, aur Mustaqbil, and has since gone through many reprints. These ideas were rendered into English by Dr. Ahmed Afzaal and the English version was serialized in 1995-96 in the monthly Hikmat-e-Qur'an published by the Markazi Anjurnan Khuddarn-ul-Qur'an Lahore. For putting it into a compact book, he further revised the ell tire material. Added his own sub-titles and made it inure authentic by giving quotations from the Old Testament. Indeed, he took great pains to make the citations of quite a few historical events and landmarks  particularly of early Jewish history more authentic by giving dates and references from reliable sources. Moreover, he suggested a much more telling title for the book - Lessons from History - and the sub-title Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Two Muslim Communities - puts in a capsule form the whole spectrum of ideas covered in the book.This book we upload after testifying and reading our best experience team. So the book once you read we are fully sure that you never aside before ending and after ending you will gift this book to your lovely once. So we request to all those who want hard copy of the book please never print this please once contact author or publisher. Download or read online this book from below two links. One is Yellow color (Get Book From Link A) and the other is Blue color (Get Book From Link B). If one link is fail then you may download from another alternative link. We upload all our books on two links only and only for the users easiness. If anybody wants any suggestion about our blog then please feel free and leave your comments. We highly appreciate those who want or give suggestion to us about blog. Thanks to visit our blog and stay with us and get wide range of free books only from freepdfpost.blogspot.com . We upload all our book on face book page which you may get all books update www.facebook.com/pk322 please like and gets all upcoming also. The author of the book is Dr Israr Ahmad which has also written so many book about Islamic History in Urdu and also in English.


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