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Computer Networking MCQs with Answers Free Download

Computer Networking Multiple Choice Questions Bank. The book is specially upload for this who want to know the Networking MCQs Question (Fill in the Blanks, Objective and Subjective).  The book contain three types question  and each types are contain more than 100 Questions.  Those who want to learn networking without any expense or lack of finance do not join any networking institute please read or study this book once we are sure you will be able to do your networking. The book contain importing topics colorful picture also.  Now days mostly test and interview are Objective types so we keep in mind this and upload this book. The book once you study we sure you will be able to get good marks in test and interview.  Now I come toward some Question and answers of the book present for you which you easily guess that the book is really informative and valuable for ..?

Q.1. The connection points between the Network Layer and the Transport Layer is the IP number(s) whereas the connection points between the Transport Layer and the upper layers are called Ports which are represented by 16 bits in the TCP segment header.
Q.2. Unlike TCP the Transport Layer Protocol UDP is a connectionless protocol.
Q.3. The programmatic connection between the Network Layer and the upper (application) layers is usually established by small software running in Transport Layer. These are usually called Sockets.
Q.4. In a 802.3 LAN, IP to ethernet address translation is performed by/with ARP which stands for Address Resolution Protocol.
Q.5. In an IP address with CIDR standard a quad can range from 0 to 255.
Q.6. Bluetooth uses Time Division Multiplexing.
Q.7. A Bluetooth network with 7 active slaves is called a Piconet.
Q.8. Bluetooth standard specifies 13 applications which are called profiles.
Q.9. As modulation technology, Bluetooth employs FSK with 1M bps.
Q.10. The number of necessary OSI layers in a bridge is two
Q.11. Routers and Gateways are internetworking-connecting devices

Objective Question.
1. The binary stream which NRZ-I waveform corresponds to is …….. a) 01101111 b) 11010000 c) 10010111 d) 01011100 e) 01101000
2. The diff. Manchester waveform corresponding to the binary stream 01101000 is
a) b) c)
d) e)
3. Repeaters operate similar to ……… which also just create electronic nodes to extend the cable length.
a) Ethernet hubs b) Bridges c) Ethernet switches d) Connectors e) Hoppers
4. Fast ethernet ……..
a) uses only optical-fiber so it is really fast
b) is not backward compatible with old ethernet.
c) runs 2000 meters with twisted pair cable d) switches are full-duplex
e) hubs are 10 Mbps
5. Which one of the following is incorrect?
a) Full-duplex means simultaneous transmission and reception.
b) Simplex device cannot talk back.
c) One of the reliability measures of networks is the robustness in catastrophe.
d) On a dedicated link there can only be two devices.
e) Half-duplex means only half of the cable is duplex.
4. ………. layer handles the physical addressing of communicating devices. a) Physical b) Logical c) Data link d) Network e) Transport
The Bold Color Alphabet is the answers of the question.  For more detail please read this book online or download to your PC or Laptop.  To Download this book please scroll down and find out the two Links one is Red color and the other is Blue color.

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