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Indian Govt Try to Use Old Ban Currency of Rs.1000 and 500 for Electricity

When Current Prime Minister of India Narendor Modi Ban old currency of 500 and 100 and order to issue new currency of Rs.200 instead of old currency of Rs.500 and 100. So the peoples of India deposit all currency of Rs.500 and 1000 and Govt of India collect 30 Arab of Old Currency which is very huge amount and its impossible for Indian govt to adjust it. So Indian govt start think on this old currency to burn it and produce electricity. Electricity from currency have low expense and low pollution as compared to coal. The  Ash or dust of these old currency also use to make Breaks which Indian govt can build buildings. So the burning of old currency is more profitable than other decision. Because in 2014 Chinese govt also burn old currency and produce large number of Electricity. In 2015 when Chinese govt ban 100 Currency then it also use to burn and produce electricity. The govt of Chinese start first experience on old waste currency on Province of Hinayana city Lauving. So its is better for Indian govt to burn this old currency and produce electricity and made breaks from the Ash or dust from the old burn currency.
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