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Afghanistan Mein Hakomat Mukhalif Muzahimat

Afghanistan Mein Hakomat : Government In Afghanistan : After a very long research and struggle today we bring another amazing and mind blow history book in Urdu language. These books express thirty years history of Afghanistan. There are so many book about Afghanistan but we are sure this book is very unique and the author of the book personally spread many years in Afghanistan So he express or share his experience in Afghanistan with us. So now I present few important topics of the book that you peoples easily judge that the book how important and informative?
01: Taliban Ki Tareef (Introduction of Taliban ), 02: Nazri Jung ( Ideological War ), 03: Groups War ( Gerohi Jung ), 04:  Failure of Political Management ( Siasi Nakami) 05: Taliban Ka Urooj ( Peak of Taliban ), Taliban Ka Dowre Hakomat ( Govt of Taliban ) and etc. So there are the few topics of the book. For more detail its necessary to download this book or read online. We upload this book on two links or sharing site. Why we upload on two sites? If one may fail or stop working then you may easily download or read online from the other mention link. One link is red color (Download Book Link 01 ) and the other is Blue color ( Download Book link 02 ). We also upload books like Islamic history in both language Urdu and English, World War 1 and 2 history, Education Books Like ( Computer, MCQs with Answers, Auditing, English Grammar books, Accounting , Dictionaries, and etc), Poetry Books in all languages ( English , Urdu, Pashto , Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi , Persian and etc).
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Afghnistan History In Urdu


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