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Amazing News About Cricket

Amazing News About Cricket : Today we Bring very amazing and informative news for the lovers of the cricket. Dear all are u know before 1970 how many balls was in one over? and second are you know when , where and which first test match was tie? I think you do not know about this. Lets come to tell you these few amazing news about cricket. Before 1970 total balls in one over are eight. Then come to seven balls. and now six balls.
The first match was tie in 14 December 1960 among West Indies and Australia. This was the 498  test match  in Australia in city of Bras-bin. And the second match of test was tie among India and Australia in India city Madras. Only two matches of Test Tie in 140 years history of Cricket. So try to visit our blog or face book page www.facebook.com/PK322 daily and find such a amazing and interesting news about cricket and as well as others like Islam, Joke, Poetry, War History, MCQs books with answers, Computer books, Fake Prophets books, Islamic History In Urdu and English, English Poetry Books, Urdu Poetry Books, Punjabi Poetry Books, Pashto Poetry Books, Sindhi Poetry Books, Balochi Poetry Books, Pakistan Politics Books, Journalism Book in Urdu and English, Cricket Books, and etc.
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