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Information Technology Multiple Choice Question (MCQs) with Answers : Dear all This book upload after a very hard and tough searching. Basically this book is Digitalis by itbookshub and now presented to you by freepdfpost.blogspot.com . This book contain more then 500 MCQs with answers. Each question have four Choice and the answer is in Block letter.  For you kind review we present few question and answers of the book. we are sure you like this same as to like our other books.
1) Full form of "OS" is?
a. Order of significance
b. Operating system
c. Open software
d. Optical Sensor
Answer = B
2) The ribbon is used in ?
a. Laser Printer
b. Plotter
c. Ink-jet printer
d. Dot Matrix printer
Answer = D
3) Address book contains?
a. Email address
b. Phone numbers
c. People Names
d. All of the above
Answer = D
4) Full form of "DOCOMO" ?
a. Do Connect over Mobile
b. Do Communications Over the Mobile network
c. Dongle Communication Over Mobile
d. Do Communication Or More
Answer =B

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