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Ghazwa Badar Book Free غزوہ بدر

Badar is the name of Place 200 Miles from Makka and 80 Miles from Madina.Ghazwa Badar was on Friday,17th Ramzan,2 AH or 13th January 624 AD. Ghazwa Badar or Battle of Badar is a great Islamic battle which presents the Muslims in madina as rulers. In ghazwa Badar the Muslims are only 313 and Abu Jehal the leader of Makka Non Muslim was 1000 Army, 100 Camels and 70 horses. In this battle muslim get historical victory. Ghazwa Badar is full lesson for those who proud on their Large Number of Army, Tanks, Missiles and etc. Please must read this book

Book Name
Ghazwa Badar
Allama Muhammad Bashmil
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