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Ghazwa Banu Qurayza غزوہ بنو قریظہ

Bani Qurizia is the name of  Arab tribal. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and Bani Qurizia have commitment to Truce (جنگ بندی). But Qurizia Traibe Break the Truce and Attack on Madina with  10000 Combatant (جنگجو). This is very historical Ghazwa. This book is a unique and noble Islamic history book  gift for those whose like Islamic History fre.Dear user we upload the same book on two links. If one link occur problem and do not download the book . Then please click on the other link and download your book. Please scroll down for the two links which are below of the Image of the book . Dear User if you want decision or Suggestion please feel  free and leave in comments box. Your decision is very valuable for our team . Your decision or suggestion will be take serious keep in mind .

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