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Human Resource Management Notes

Competing books are focused on the academic part of HRM, which is necessary in a university or college
setting. However, the goal with this book is not only to provide the necessary academic background
information but also to present the material with a practitioner’s focus on both large and small
businesses. While the writing style is clear and focused, we don’t feel jargon and ten-dollar words are
necessary to making a good textbook. Clear and concise language makes the book interesting and
understandable (not to mention more fun to read) to the future HRM professional and manager alike.
It is highly likely that anyone in business will have to take on an HRM role at some point in their careers.
For example, should you decide to start your own business, many of the topics discussed will apply to your
business. This is the goal of this book; it is useful enough for the HRM professional, but the information
presented is also applicable to managers, supervisors, and entrepreneurs. Besides these differences, other
key differences include the following:
 This book utilizes a technology focus and shows how HRM activities can be leveraged using technology.
 We have also included a chapter on communication and information about motivational theories. Since
communication is a key component of HRM, it makes sense to include it as a full chapter in this book.
Human motivation is one of the cornerstones of HR, which is why we include information on this as well.
 Rather than dividing certain chapters, we have combined some chapters to provide the entire picture of
related topics at once. For example, in Chapter 6 "Compensation and Benefits", we discuss both pay and
benefits, instead of separating them into two chapters.
 The exercises and cases utilize critical thinking skills and teamwork to help the points come through.
 The Fortune 500 boxes focus on the concepts and how large companies apply these concepts. However,
we still focus on small- and medium-sized businesses.
 Practical application is the focus of this book. We want you to be able to read the book and apply the
concepts. We feel this approach makes the material much more useful, instead of only academic.
 We use several YouTube videos in each chapter.
 The author introduces each chapter in a video format.
 How Would You Handle This? situations in the book utilize critical-thinking skills to think about ethical
situations in HRM. Each situation also includes audio examples on how an HRM professional or manager
could handle the situation.
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