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The Magic of Thinking Big

Why this big book? Why a full-scale discussion of The Magic of
Thinking Big? Thousands of-books will be published this year. Why
·one more?
Permit me to give yon just a little background.
Several years ago I witnessed an exceptionally impressive
sales meeting. The vice president in charge of marketing for this
company was tremendously excited. He wanted to drive home
a point. He had with him on the platform the leading represen~
ative in the organization, a vety ordinary-looking fellow, who
earned in the year just ended just a little under $60,000. The earnings
of other representatives averaged $12,000.
The executive challenged the group. Here is what he said: "I
want you to take a good look at Harry. Look at him! Now, what's
Harry got that the rest of you haven't? Harry earned five times
the average, but is Harry five times smarter? No, not according
to our personnel tests. I checked. They show he's about avet:age
in that department.
'lilld did Harry work five times harder than you fellows?
No-not according ro the reports. In fact, he took more time off
than most of yon.For downloading please click the below Download two button. If one link do not work properly when you download the book. Another link please clicks and downloads. For User easiness we upload the book on two links name is Download Book and Read Book Online.


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