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Fitna Yousaf Kazib ( جھوٹا پِغمبر)

Fitna Yousaf Kazib : Fib Prophet : This is really mind blow book about Fib ( Fake) Prophet M Yousaf . This book contain very accurate information about M Yousaf Kazib . The author of the book collect material from different News Paper which publish the Saying of Fib prophet of M Yousaf Kazib . All the information are authentic and testified . The material which collect from different Newspaper are these . Weekly Publication : Takbir : Karachi , Daily : Khabrein : Sunday magazine , Monthly Publication : Akhwal-o-Asar and Moon Digest : Lahore ,  Column from Daily : Khabrein : ,  Daily Newspaper : Ummat : Karachi , and Daily Newspaper : Jang , Nawa-e-Wakat and etc .  These are the name of the Newspaper which collect the authentic material about fib Prophet M Yousaf Kazib .This book also contain the brief   information that whose push this types peoples and saying I am your real prophet . This author of the book also unmask  all the peoples whose involve in exposing of Fib M yousaf kazib . Now we present the Historical decision of Lahore High Court which adjudge the M Yousaf Kazib is a fib ( Fake ) Prophet . The name of the judge is Ghulam Mustafa Shehzad  Session Judge Lahore 14 July 1997 . This is the historical decision of Lahore High Court : The perusal of Cassettes and other documentary evidences , make it crystal clear that the petioner his claim himself to be prophet and the family members say his “ Ahl-e-Bait ” his house is Ghar e Hira and follower are Sahaba Karam . Thus he has committed heinous offense therefore is not entitled for the relief claim for . So we say this is very informative and historical book about fib Prophets and the book once you start we are sure you never aside this book before ending . The is also fabulous gift for those whose want knowledge about fake prophets in Urdu language . It is also necessaryto know about book publication author and etc . The author of the book is Arshad Qurishi , Almaraf Publication Lahore , The size of the book is  28 MB , Pages of the book are 218 , Language of the book is Urdu and format of the book is PDF . So download , Share and read online this best informative book about Fake Prophet M Yousaf kazib . We upload this book on two links one link is Pink Color and name Download Book From A and the other is Gray color name Download Book From B . Why we upload on two links ..? If one link problem during reading online or downloading you may directly download from other mention link . Foe download please scroll down and find out the two mention button below the book image .


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