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Difference in the UMMAT

Difference in the Ummat :  This book is specially design and Upload for those whose want information about difference Ummat or Maslak . This book really express the flashing point about all Ummat and Maslak .  Now I came toward the basic point of the book : These are the points of book . The difference between Sunnis and Shies : The Difference between Haanfies and Wahaabis :  Noor or Human .. ? Power of the Unseen : Free Well and Choice : To call Upon Someone other than . Tawasulla and Dua . The second type of Wasellah . The third type of Wasellah . Visiting the Graves . Solid Graves and their tombs and etc . These are the main some basic points of the book . If you want more detail than please download this book . Maulan Maudidi , Lets come to express little about this . You have mentioned that the group of your companion are Maulan Maududi . According to them there is no other alim beside maulana Maududi . I openly concede to many good and notable qualities and abilities of maulana Maududi . Firstly , the power and effect  of Maulana Maududi  pen is well known to be one his point and his advantages . Nevertheless , my humble point is that this is also one of the weakest point and strong disadvantage . So this also only one point of the book about Maulana Maududi . for more detail you must read this book online or download . This is not only book but it is really a very strong proof about other Ummat or Maslak . The book is really a valuable asset for those whose want information about all Maslak in Islam . This book contain very fabulous history of Ummat .  It is also necessary to know about the book author , publication and much more . The author of the book is Mulana Mohammad Ludhyanv and translator is Mufti Afzal Ilias , The format of the book is PDF , size of the book is 10 MB and pages of the book 135 . So for downloading or reading online scroll down and find out the two buttons one is PINK color and the other is GAY color . why two button …? If one is not working proper you may download or read online book from other . So download , read online and share this best Islamic book free . For any suggestion about book or blog please write down in comments box . Your comments will be highly appreciated .


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