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Sajda Sehwa key Masayel

Sajdha Sehwa : The book describe very important and sensitive Issue or Problem of all Muslims ( Men and women ) which make in Prayer . Mostly Muslims do not  know what do to after a little mistake make in Prayers . The mistake like ,  Recite of One Ayat in Prayer more than one time ,  Without Surah fatiha or any other Qurani Ayat recite in prayer and direct perform Sajdha , In Faraz Prayer third or fourth rakat without Sana , After three Ayat of Quran Imam forget and direct perform Rako ,  Imam forget and perform three Sajdha ,  Direct perform Sajdha and leave Rako , Perform one Sajdha , and much more like that . This best and noble of about Prayer and Sajdha is not only Sajda Sehwa but also express very deeply about Prayer like , Obligations of Prayer , Rightful of Prayer , Confirm ( Sunnat ) of Prayer , Principles of Prayer ,  Method of Sajda Sehwa , and much more . This is not only a book but its best guidance of your prayer . This book once you read we are sure you will feel betterment in you prayer before this book .  Obligations of prayer are six . 01 : Farz , 02. Qirat , 03. Rako , 04. Sajda , 05. Qaida Akhira and Khoroj . This book is a excellent and nice gift for those whose want knowledge information and lesson about prayer and sajda sehwa . This is also you gift to your relative and friends . This book once you start we sure you never aside this unique Islamic book of Urdu  before end . It is also compulsory to know about this best Islamic book author , Publication and etc . The author of the book is Mufti Habib Ur Rahman , Size of the book is 7 MB , Pages of the book are 50 and format of the book is PDF .  Download and read online this book of Islam Urdu free of cost . You may also download our other books like . War History , Novel of Urdu , Poetry of English , Islamic History , MCQs , Computer books  , Urdu Poetry , Pashto Poetry , English Islamic Books , Dictionaries , Software , and much more . We upload all books on two links one link is  Pink color and the other is Gray color . For downloading please scroll down and find out the above mention two buttons .


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