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Economics 5080 Question and Answers

Economics Question and Answers : All questions are study and number of the question are 5080 with full answers . This question and answers are from prominent author or writer of economics which once you read or study we sure you will betterment . We present some of the important question and answers of the book for your kind review  and study that you can easily decide that the book is really very good and informative . So these are the few question .
Q : How are wealth and happiness are related..?
Answers of Slamo : People think wealth as money value or possessing you own in life but does money always bring happiness ? Happiness bring me a feeling that money cannot give me .
Q : What reasons might Marx have to change from his original formulation : “ The two factor of commodity are use-value and exchange value : to the formulation . “ the factor of the commodity are use-value and value ..?.
Q : The first sentence of Capital says that commodities are the social form of wealth in the capitalist societies . what does Marx mean by “ social form of wealth ? what by contrast , would be content of wealth be? .
So this are the just a few question without answers for your review but these question also contain answers of various author or writer of economics . If like this book then please scroll down and find out the two links or buttons . both button are downloading this book or reading online . Please be remember we upload all books just for reading soft copy . If you want print this book then please take permission from the book author or publisher . This book full of economics information which is very important for the candidate of economics . The author of the book use very simple words which everyone can familiar with all these words .
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