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Shehzadi Zainab-e-Kubra Aur  Tarikh Mulk Shaam : Queen Zainab-e-Kubra and History of Country Syria : Dear all you know that the book also clear from name that contain information about Islam brave lady Hazrat Zainab and full history about Syria . So first to know about this Brave lady . This was the daughter of Hazrat Ali (RA) and Fatima Zuhra ( RA ) , born Ist  Shaban and Five Hijri and died 27 Jamdi Awal 25 Hijri and her tomb is in Damascus Syria . This book is one the great history book of Islam and Syria . this book will give you very rare and noble information about Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( SAW ) , Hazrat Ali ( RA ) and Zainab ( RA ) . The book is not only about these personalities but also give you very interesting information and history about Syria important tourist Points . So it is also important to write down some important places name of Syria which deeply describe in this book . These are below
:  Safeen Ka Maidan
:  Roza Hazrat Aamar yasir
:  Roza Hazrat Owais Qarni
:  Farat
: Shahre Damashk
:  Janab Habeel Ki Qabar
:  Ashabe Kaaf
:  Shahre Halaab
:  Darbar e Bayazid
:  Shahre Shaam K Barah Derwazein
:  Yazid Maloon ka Saath Derwazon Wala Ali Shaan Mahal
:  Mulk e Shaam Ka Jughrafiya
:  Ibne Batota Ka Bayan
:  Muqdasi Tarikhdan Ka bayan
:  Shaam k Mashahoor Shahar
:  Maraheel Tarikhee , Siasi
So this is the few point of this book which you can easily decide that the book is really contain noble and nice point about Islam and Syria history . We are sure that this book will enhance you information about Islam and general history . The book is so interesting when once you start reading you never aside this book before end . This book is noble gift for those who like Islamic History in Urdu . This book you freely gift to your relative and friends but keep in mind only soft . If you want to print this book then please contact the publisher or the author of the book . So the book is published by  Markaz e Uloome Islamia Karachi , Price of the book is Rs-200/- , Author of the book is Doctor Zameer Akhter Naqvi , Pages of the book is 227 , Size is 4 MB and format of the book is PDF . So download and read online this best Islamic History book free. For downloading please scroll down and get out  two links one is Light Green and the other is Pink Color.


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