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Pakhton Ki Tarikh ( History of Pakhton ) Download Free

Pathan Borderland : Pakhtonon Ki Tarikh  or History of Pakhtoon . This is one of the best documented and history book about the most brave and honorable peoples of Pakistan Pakhtons . According my study this is one of the only book which very clearly and deeply express about the history of Pakhtoon . One of the unique feature of this book is this which writer is from foreigner and express the history  , habits ,culture , Tribes  and much more of pakhton very clearly . The book is not only about Pakhton history but also express the other prominent personality of history which belong from this land like Mehmood Ghaznavi . Mohammad Ghori , Teemor , babar , Sher Shah Sori ,  Azeem baghawat , Nadir Shah , Ahmed Shah Mohammad Zai urooj and etc . This book contain total Thirteen Chapter and each chapter describe separate history about Pakhton . The second chapter of the book is express about the tribes of Pakhton which are bellow , Tribal’s ,  Yousaf Zai , Bajouri , Mehmmand , Shinwari , Afridi , Wazir , Khattak , Marwat , Toori , Bangush , Masood , Podi , Banuchi , Sadat , Peshawari and etc . The third Chapter of the book express about the pakhton Culture and law and regulation like Pakhton wali , Badal , Melmastiya , Natwati , Value of Pakhton Wali , Jerga , Malak , Mulla , Mashar , Lashkar , Hujra ,  Value of Woman and etc .  The nine chapter of the book express about Mutiny or Insurrection like ,  Tribal’s Insurrection , During British Government  , Insurrection against Forward Policy   , 1897 Insurrection , Zaka Khel , Waziristan 1919  to 1920 , Waziristan 1936 to 1938 , Problems of Peace , Basis of Insurrection . The eleven chapter of the book describe about Pakistan , Problems and progress of Pakistan , Election of 1951 ,  Economic Development , Agriculture , Industries , Tribal’s areas under Pakistan ,  Sawat one of the exemplary State  , NWFP as one of the Province ,. So this is the short summary of the chapter of the book . Those who want detail please download or read online this book free . The book is noble and excellent gift for those who want and like History of pakhton in Urdu . The author of the book use very easy and simple words which everyone can easily understand or pick up . This also important to know about book author , translator size and much more . The author of the book is James W Spain , Translate from English to Urdu by Professor Anwar Roman , Size of the book is 159 MB , Pages of the book is 562 , Format of the book PDF and language of the book is Urdu . The size of the book is very heavy and must check your internet speed before downloading .  For downloading or reading online this book please get out or find out two links one is Download book from Link A and the other is Download book from Link B . Those who want suggestion about book or blog please feel free and leave your suggestion . Your suggestion will be highly appreciated . Thank you to Visit our blog .

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