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Makholiat Qanoon Aur Hum (ماحولیات ،قانون اور ہم)

Ecology , Law and We ( Makholiat , Qanoon aur Hum ) . This is very best and good documented book about  Ecology of Pakistan . The author of the book say that there are so many law and order for good environment of any and also specific  law about ecology . But the book express about Pakistani law of ecology .  The author written that in Pakistan law of ecology is just work only in written form not more than this . Allah give four seasons country , wide range rivers , open land and  much more but the top management of Pakistan work only 30%  work about environment . The book is divided into four chapters and each chapter describe about ecology or environment of Pakistan . Pakistan made the following law for ecology .
01. Pakistan Ecology ( Environment ) Protection Ordinance 1983
02.   Punjab Local Government Ordinance 1979
03. Pakistan Act  For Environment Protection 1995
04.  Pakistan Council  For environment Protection
05.Pakistan Agency for Environment Protection
06. Environment Protection Provincial Agencies
The book of the author also express the work  or performance of Non government Organization also . In this book there is information about different cities of Pakistan where build day and night factories and etc . In this book the author also express the work of all four province and also describe the factor which make environment bad .  So I say this book describe very important and fire out issue of Pakistan and its compulsory for all to study once this book must . The author use very simple language which everyone know and familiar  with all these words . This also important to know about book basic information like Author , Publication agency and much more .  The author of the book is  Sheen Farakh , Pages of the book is 225 , Size of the book is 15 MB , format of the book is PDF and published by  Mashalbook Usman Block Lahore , Punjab . Pakistan .  For downloading this book please scroll down and find out the two links one is ( Download Book from Link A ) and the other is ( Download Book from Link B ) . Both link for downloading and reading online this book . Download , Share and read online this best Instructive and informative book ( Makholiat , Qanoon Aur Hum ) free of cost .  This book once you start reading we sure you never keep aside before end .


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