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Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband : This is very best documented and informative book about the oldest Islamic School (Madrasa) in India . The author of the book very deeply and clearly express about Madrasa deoband .The book contain very amazing information of Deoband and express all ups and down of deoband when Maulana Qasim Nanathovi start teaching of Islamic Knowledge in Deoband Madrasa . The author express about the mission of Deoband also . Deoband Madarsa start on 30 May , 1866 by Mualna Qasim Nanathovi and his friends or Fallowers  when Muslim Kingdom finish from India and this time was not possible to maintain original position of Islam in India . All Muslim of Hindustan are in trouble or tension that how safe our Islamic Knowledge ( Life ) so this time Deoband Madrasa play a vital role in saving of Islamic Life in Hindustan . This book also important history of all important Islamic Scholar of Deoband  . The main mission of Deoband was to finish completely the law of Lord Michele in Sub continent against Muslims . The author of the book say that Deoband is the result of Freedom War 1857 against British kingdom in United Hindustan . this book express the code of conduct , rule and law and much more about deoband . The is amazing gift for all those who interesting in madrasa deoband history . The book when your read we sure your heart and soul will feel pleasure and comfort . this also important to know about the book Author , publication and much more . The author of the book is Maulana Mufti Abul Qasim Naumani , The book is published by Madrasa Islamia Arabia Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband . India , The size of the book is 2.13 MB , Pages of the book is 38 , Language of the book is Urdu and format of the book is PDF . So download , Share and read online the best Islamic and Deoband History book in Urdu Free of cost . We upload all books on two links one link is in the name of ( Download Book from Link A ) and the other is ( Download Book from Link B ) . For downloading or reading online any book please scroll down and find the two button which mention above . For users easiness we upload on two links if one link is fail and you can get from another mention link . 


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