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Mustakbil Key Bachey  ( Tomorrow Children  ) : . The author of the book express very important and noble topic . The author of the book present a new concept about 21 century education . He named the present education system is Corporative Education system . Our present education system  roll around Teacher , Syllabus and examination . This types of education the student never add personal experience ,  Nor Education experience and nor think ahead from Ideology and imagination . He say this is very boring and full tension education system . He present very revolutionary education system as compare to Present Attritive  Education system . Riana Eisler say that education system must be free from violence and helpful to build a good and nice society . How to bring all this thing in our daily life and society for this must read this book Mustakbil Key Bachey ( Tomorrow Children’s ) . This book is really very helpful and full of instructive about our child education . The book once must read for this purpose that how to build your child education system and their thinking .  This is not only book but according my study this is complete guidance about 21 century education system . So our team also testified all books before uploading . And we try to upload book like this to give a best and noble guideline about education . So lets we come toward the book publisher , author and etc . The author of the book is Riana Eisler but translate to Urdu by Doctor Khalil Ahmed , The size of the book is 34 MB which is heavy before downloading must check your internet speed , Pages of the book are 395 , Format of the book is PDF , Price of the book is 250 and publisher is MASHAL book Lahore .  So download , share and read online this best Guide line book of Modern Education system free of cost . The book is also nice gift for all those whose want book about Modern education system in Urdu language . You may also download our other books like , Urdu poetry book s, Islamic History books , English Islamic Books , Urdu Adab Books , Dajjal Books , MCQs with Answers , War History , Pashto Poetry books , Punjabi Poetry books , English Poetry books , Novels , Account and audits books , Computer Books , Computer Urdu Books , Balochi Books , Sindhi Books and much more free. This is also request from user that if anybody want any types suggestion about our Blog design or Books then please feel free and leave your suggestion in comments books . your suggestion will highly appreciated .  Thank you for  your visit here . For Downloading or Reading online please scroll down and find out two button is yellow color and the other is Blue color both are for downloading and reading online this books .


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