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Silsilan Anbian Karam In Urdu

Silsila Anbian Karam : Series of Holy Prophets : This is really very important and historical book about the trace back of all holy prophets . This is one of the chronological Islamic history book but the history contain about all Prophets Approximately One Lac and 24 thousand . The book express the date of birth and date of death of each prophet with short detail also . The author of the book is anonymous and express the detail of First Prophet Hazrat Adam (AS) till Last Prophet Hazarat Mohammad ( SAW) . The first prophet Hazarat Adam ( AS) age was 930 and his Childs name was Qabil and Habil . So this book once must important historical book of Islam about Prophets . The book is one of the amazing and noble gift for the peoples whose like and want History of Islam but specially History of Prophets . but all history are in full detail and with ages of all prophets . The book once just read for the info of Islamic . The book is in Urdu language and also in PDF format .   The size of the book is 2 MB which is really very light and can download just on one click . And the pages of the book are 32 which you can read this book only in two or three hours because the book is very small . So download best documented and history of Islam book free of cost .  This book you can also read online and share with friends also free . For more Islamic history books please click on Islamic History book or Daily Islam . To download or read online this book please go down and get out two links one is yellow ( Download Book from Link A ) and the other is Blue color ( Download Book from B ) . Both link for book downloading and reading online if one link fail you can download or read online from other link which is mention . We highly appreciate those whose want to give any suggestion about blog or our books . Please fell free and give your suggestion in comments box of each book and can also send your suggestion in our contact us Form . So thank you once again from the core of all teams hearts that you visit our site . We try to upload 2 lac books for our honorable users . 


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