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Darya Kabul Se Darya Yermouk Tak

DERYA KABUL SE DERYA YERMUK TAK: This history book which contain six Asia countries (Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan) history with full detail. This book expresses these countries about their Islamic Life, Political life and Social. So the book is unique and fabulous gift for those who want History and knowledge about countries of Asia. This book first edition was published in Arabic language in the year 1974 in Turkey and second and third edition of Urdu was published in   1978 in Lucnow India. So we upload this book Urdu edition. Basically this book is the itinerary of the author which was started from June 1973 and come to an end in August 1973. The author of the book practically every aspect of life of the mention countries observed. This also amazing that this itinerary starts from the capital of Afghanistan Kabul and end to Capital of Jordon Oman. So accordance with this itinerary the author give name to the book (Derya Kabul Se Derya Yermuk Tak): From River Kabul to River Yarmulke: The author has also much creation about itinerary of few countries which are widely read and sale in the whole world. So these are the main topics of the book which very deeply and briefly express by the author.
Mujahidein aur Fatehein Ki Serzamin Afghanistan
Hindustan aur Islam ki Tarikh me Afghanistan ka Kirdar
Afghinstan Hindustani Muslamon ki Nazar mein
Ullamaye Kabul se Guftagu
Kabul mein Mujdadi Khandan
Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi ki Darul Sultanat mein
Malak Mohammad Zahir Shah aur Sardar Dawood Khan
Qiyam-e-Iran ki Mudat
Iran ki Dini aur tarikhi Muqamat
Nadeer Shah Afshar
Caliph Haroon Rashid Ki yaad mein
Mashriq aur Maghrib Ki Sungam Lebanon mein
Islami Idaron Aur Beirut K Mukhtalif Ilaqon Ka Daora
Beirut per eik Nazar
Lebanon Muslamano per eik Nazar
Do Din Damascus mein
So this is the few main topics of the book. For more detail please you must download or read online this book. The book is very interesting and once you start reading we all are sure you never aside before ending. The authors also write the book in very simple language and every reader can easily understand. So the book is published by Majlas Takhqiqat , Nasharyat Islam Lucnow, India , Pages of the book are 304 , Size of the book is 27 MB , format of the book is PDF, and language of the book is Urdu. So download this best Islamic History book, Asia History book and as well as Multiple Countries History book free of cost. For downloading please scroll down and find out the two links one is Down book From Link 01 and the other is Down Book From Link 02.


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